Sunday, April 26, 2015

In Zero Gravity A Man can Lift the Entire Universe....

In Zero Gravity a Man can lift the entire UNIVERSE. I should have realized it before. That is because we do have evidence that a tiny particle the size of a proton , neutron or a single atom can move the earth (with sufficient momentum). You can do the calculations but I have my radiometer proof as proof empirical. That maybe the way to fix quantum mechanics. Now for an experiment to prove it. Unfortunately finding a spot that really has zero gravity and not just the sen...sation of it in a free fall orbit is going to be difficult. That completely wrecks doing the experiment in a zero gravity orbit. The idea that in zero gravity a man or an atom can lift the entire universe also may help to wreck the big bang thesis. I watched this Hollywood worm hole movie that was supposed to be somewhat about astronomical physics and was surprised to learn that gravity becomes an intergalactic communications network .That was pretty absurd but talking about waves yes a 100 percent water surface planet would likely have tidal waves constantly

Say you are happily in a safe space suit on a tiny solid rock asteroid about the size of a sphere 100 ft in diameter.  you can jump up and down on it causing it rock and roll.  If  you were on a much larger asteroid say the size of the entire universe and there was zero gravity you could also jump up and down on that and affect it too .  of course an object that large would have a lot more gravity associated with it. 

Just to can drop objects like a heavy lead weight and a feather in zero gravity and they both hit the ground at the exact same time....  So you can find a zero gravity chamber big enough and drop the earth, the sun , the galaxy  and a feather and they also all will hit bottom with different effects.  But because hotter objects have dimensional expansion at their surfaces they actually hit fractions of a second earlier....well  maybe even sooner if really as hot as a star or a galaxy.  That is only part of the story.  If they fall because of gravity , all as fast as the feather or the Galaxy it really is what happens when they hit bottom that distinguishes